September 19, 2017

More bizarre deaths

These short tales of unexpected and unforeseen deaths are to reinforce the truth that we never know when death will come to us and so we should be prepared to die at all times.  May their family and friends, faced with sudden and grievous loss, find consolation.  May all of the victims rest in peace.

Out-of-control cement mixer crushes family car killing Filipino father instantly

A fully loaded cement mixer truck which appeared to lose control of its brakes, hit the curb next to the white Honda before toppling over onto it. Ulysses Ramos, 35, had been driving with wife Marife, 34, in the passenger seat and their three children and pet dog in the back.  He was killed, but his is wife, three children and puppy escape after onlookers rushed to help, using bamboo rods and metal poles to hold up the truck while the passengers were freed.

Man falls off bridge and dies after jumping for joy when girlfriend said yes

The 32-year-old unnamed man was in his girlfriend’s car when he asked her to pull over in the middle of Irabu Bridge, which links the Miyako and Irabu islands in Japan.  He told her he wanted to take in the view from the structure, however then dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring.  The man is said to have been so overjoyed when she said yes – he jokingly climbed onto the bridge railings and spread his arms to celebrate. However seconds later he lost his balance, and fell 100 feet from the bridge into the water below.

Crushed to death by the truck he was working on after it came loose from jack stands

Michael Queen, 50, was crushed to death on Monday when the truck he had been working on fell on top of him in North Carolina.  His wife Kimberly came home and found her husband pinned beneath the truck.  She called 911, but her husband was pronounced dead on the scene

Eminent cancer doctor was fatally stabbed by a patient after giving him the all-clear

Dr Igor Tyulenev is seen walking towards a hospital CCTV camera in his white coat when a man suddenly faces up to him and knifes him in the chest. The doctor falls back on a row of chairs in his clinic in the Russian Arctic city of Murmansk.  The attacker was convinced he was suffering from cancer and that doctors were hiding it from him.  Shortly before the appalling stabbing, Dr Tyulenev, in his late 50s, had assured the man test results gave him the all-clear from cancer.

Drunk man is trampled to death by an elephant after trying to take a SELFIE with the wild animal

The incident was caught on video, filmed by onlookers from a safe distance, and sees Mr Bharti tripping as he tries to flee the elephant. The elephant then runs over Mr Bharti, from Rourkela, Odisha, and injured him severely. The incident happened when forest rangers were trying to rescue the elephant, which had become separated from its herd. "The animal was nervous as it had strayed away from his family and when the man came too close to it, the elephant in its rescue attacked him."

Mother, father and son, 11, die after they fell into a volcanic crater near Naples

Tragedy unfolded when Lorenzo, only 11, entered a prohibited area at Solfatara volcanic crater close to Naples.  The boy's mother, Tiziana Zaramella 42, and his father, Massimiliano Carrer, 45, then tried to pull him to safety. They are said to have fallen 5ft but the exact cause of their deaths is not yet clear - though asphyxia is  suspected. The volcanic fields at Solfatara are scorching hot only a few inches below the surface and packed with hot gas. Their other son, a seven-year-old, has survived amid reports he was managed to scramble out of the crater.  The devastating misfortune befell the family as they were enjoying the final day of their holiday before their young sons were due to return to school tomorrow.  The seven-year-old boy was said to be in ‘great shock.’ The owner of a bar at the entrance to the volcanic site said he ‘kept asking where his family was.’

Teen With ‘Rapunzel Syndrome’ Dies After Eating Her Own Hair

Jasmine Beever had always chewed and eaten  her hair, something the family thought was harmless.  That compulsive habit is known as trichophagia.  Over time, the hair accumulated in her intestines, gradually forming a large hairball known as a trichobezoar.  This accumulation of hair in the intestines is known as Rapunzel syndrome.  The trichobezoar then infected the thin membrane that lines the stomach, leading to peritonitis. The infection eventually burst an ulcer in her stomach and caused her organs to shut down.  Beever was away at college when she collapsed. She went home to bed, but soon realized she was covered in blotches. She was raced to the emergency room, where doctors unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate her.

Japanese journalist works herself to death by doing 159 HOURS of overtime in a month and taking just two days off

Miwa Sado was a political journalist for the country's national broadcaster. She suffered a heart failure in July 2013 but the death has only surfaced recently. Her parents said: 'Even today, we cannot accept our daughter's death'

From the annals of history.
Death by bucktooth

Viking Sigurd the Mighty famously conquered northern Scotland in the ninth century. But after decapitating Mael Brigte the Bucktoothed, Sigurd attached the head to his saddle as a trophy. On the ride, Mael’s bucktooth pierced Sigurd’s leg and caused a fatal infection.

Six Americans killed in Oregon by Japanese Balloon Bomb in WW2.

While on a picnic in rural Oregon, a pregnant schoolteacher called to her husband, “Look what I found, dear,” when it exploded killing her and five of her Sunday School students.  Japan's fire balloon campaign was planned to attack Americans on their home turf.  The balloons, about 33 feet in diameter and made of rubberized silk or paper and with  bombs attached to their bottoms, were set off to drift across the Pacific, carried by hydrogen power, to explode over the western U.S.  Despite the Japanese releasing an estimated 9,000 of these fire balloons, only 342 reached U.S. soil. Most of them landed along the West Coast, however, some of them drifted as far inland as Nebraska. Most of them were shot down, and the rest fell on their own.
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