Jill Fallon

About Jill Fallon

When she was widowed for the second time, Jill Fallon was inspired to create EstateVaults™ to help people take care of the business of their lives more easily and securely and at the same time keep their affairs in order for their families.

She believes that boomers – her target users of EstateVaults™ - are the bridge between their non-digital parents and their totally digital children and grand-children. Boomers are at the time of life when questions about mortality loom larger even as life gets sweeter. With the proliferation of tools, they can create digital personal and family legacy archives to connect generations past, present and future, if only they get their act together.

She’s had a varied career in law, politics, communication, and business, but is now knocking on doors seeking pilots and funding for her start-up company, Estate Legacy Vaults. However starting a company and looking for money are two steps removed from her passion - helping people leave behind larger legacies – not just their money and their stuff , but the gift of good record-keeping and the experience and stories of their lives, what they learned and what they loved. Legacy Matters, the blog, is what she does to stay in touch with what she wants to do when she’s not revising powerpoint presentations, making calls, reading books, practicing yoga, walking the dog, or making lists.